June 02-03, 2017


Asia University, Taiwan


Migration, Cultural Identity, Language and Communication

Speakers and Workshop

3 Professional Speakers

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Related topics of the conference are:

1. South bound policy and global mobility
2.Migration/ Diaspora and cultural identity
3.Language, culture, and translation/transgression
4. Technologies and language

Main Theme
Migration is a global tendency emerged all over the world. The issues come along with modern migration are various. This conference will emphasize on the topics of cultural identity, language and communication. ​

Inspiring talks
Scholars from Belgium, Taiwan and Indonesia will give inspiring talks to highlight the conference.

About us
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (DFLL) in Asia University, Taiwan is well-known by its spirits of humanities and liberal views. Since 2001, the department is consistently growing in popularity with students. In both undergraduate and graduate programs, the curriculum is designed into innovative program pathway tracks for today’s students. Our students increase their global understanding and will personally experience how communication, culture, and language work together.

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Important Dates

1 Apr. 20, 2017 Due date for abstract submission
2 Apr. 30, 2017 Notification of abstract acceptance
3 May 10, 2017 Due date for abstract (or 3-5 pages outline/ppts) submission
4 May 10, 2017 Due date for registration (workshop/conference)
5 June 2, 2017 Conference
6 June 3, 2017 Workshop

Event Speakers / meet with greaters

Jozef Colpaert


Professor of Antwerp School of Education in University of Antwerp (Belgium). (more…)

Deli Nirmala

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Head of Master Program in Linguistics, Undip (Indonesia) (more…)

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Tea Break

Tea Break

Deli Nirmala

Keynote Speech

Tea Break

Tea Break

陳珠櫻(法國巴黎第八大學 藝術與科技影像系所 教授)、陳明惠(國立成功大學 創意產業設計研究所 助理教授)、陳依純(世新大學 數位多媒體設計學系 講師)、施懿珊(藝術家)

Forum 1


Poster Presentation

  1. Translating Culture-related Metaphors - Suh-Sen Liu
  2. Warm-up Activities in EFL Classroom: The Scenarios at Rural Primary-school Site in Taiwan - Yan-An Jou、Yi-Ping Lai
  3. Young EFL Learners' Perceptions towards the Effectiveness of Two Types of Repeated Reading - Meng-Hua Li、Fang-Lan Kuo
  4. Narrative Writing on New Immigrant Women: Perspective on Cultural Studies and Mother- Daughter Relationship - Shu-Chuan Chen、Chih-Hui Fang
  5. Shen in Modern Chinese - Hsiu-Ying Liu、Li-Chuan Wang
  6. Cognitive System and English Lexis Teaching: An Investigation on the Effect of Lexical Learning by College Students - Hsiu-Ying Liu、Yun-Hsuan Chou
  7. 軀殼裡的魔鬼或聖靈?台灣女性數位藝術的後人類身體與意識 - Yu-Chen Lin、Ying-Ying Chien
  8. 台灣女婿及第二代母語學習研究–以南亞裔為主 - Hsiu-Ying Liu、Shu-Chuan Chen

M202 Presentation 1

Investigating English Bilinguals’s Knowledge of Situation-bound Utterances and its relationship with their English Academic Performance in a Semi-naturalistic Setting

M202 Presentation 2

English Nursery Rhyme Activities in a Taiwanese Kindergarten: A Case Study in Central Taiwan

M202 Presentation 3

Applying Cultural Fictions into Content and Language Integrated Learning for Young Adolescents

M202 Presentation 4

Presenting Culture Teaching in Junior High School English Textbooks in Taiwan

M202 Presentation 5

Applying collaborative learning in English for Tourism courses

M202 Presentation 6

Nurturing the Liberal Arts Education for the Future Global Learners through KU-AU COIL Endeavour

M202 Presentation 7

The Effects of Extracurricular English Learning Activities on The Six Graders’ Learning Attitude toward English And Their Achievement

M202 Presentation 8

The Flipped Classroom Model: Optimizing Translation Training by Integrating Task-Based Pedagogy into College Translation Course

M203 Presentation 1

The Production of Fictive Motion Sentences by EFL Learners of Chinese

M203 Presentation 2

Enhancing EFL learners' TOEIC vocabulary competence via game-based mobile learning

M203 Presentation 3

Improving learning outcomes and motivation of EFL learners on learning Shakespeare via the use of Mobile Apps

M203 Presentation 4

Ubiquitous English idiom learning via mobile applications

M203 Presentation 5

A Study of Difficulties and Needs in Reading Comprehension among EFL College Freshmen in Taiwan A. Main Components (tick one that applies for each category)

M203 Presentation 6


M203 Presentation 7


M203 Presentation 8


M203 Presentation 9


M211 Presentation 7

Cross Cultural Competence Of Employees In a Global Perspective

M211 Presentation 1


M211 Presentation 2


M211 Presentation 3


M211 Presentation 4

Regularity and lexical aspect in past tense learning

M211 Presentation 5

Exploring Aspects of Cross-Cultural Metaphor

M211 Presentation 6

Using Flipped Classroom Methodology in an EFL Drama Class

M217 Presentation 1


M217 Presentation 2

A Study on Promoting the Students’ English Speaking Abilities by Using Cooperative Learning Strategy via Tablet E-book

M217 Presentation 3

Diversified Pedagogy for EFL Learners’ Grammar Acquisition Among GTM, CLT, and Flipped Classroom

M217 Presentation 4

Classes in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss

M217 Presentation 5

Technology enhanced context-dependent near-synonym learning

M217 Presentation 6

Taiwanese Young EFL Learners' Perceptions Toward Robot Assisted Intonation Instruction

M217 Presentation 7

A Study on the Construction of Assessment Indicators for College Teacher Misbehaviors in the Classroom
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Jozef Colpaert

大會工作坊演講 Speech (I)

Topic: Designing a Technology-rich Environment for Language Teaching and Learning: Trend, Theory and Practice (I)
Jozef Colpaert

大會工作坊演講 Speech (III)

Topic: Designing a Technology-rich Environment for Language Teaching and Learning: Trend, Theory and Practice (II)

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